Outdoor challenge: adventuretrekking with flying fox and archery.

Outdoor Challenge

Love of adventure and invention were the driving force behind the travels of many explorers and expeditions.

Team spirit, adaptability, determination and pushing oneself to the limit are important factors in being successful.

We head off on our hunting expedition through the attractive landscape of the Heutal. The hilly summer pastures, steep cliffs and gushing streams are an ideal place to begin on your personal adventure challenge.

Outdoor Challenge The Or

Outdoor Challenge "The Original"

Team of 5 - 7 people, a road book, an ordnance survey map for full directions and a briefing: the teams have to work out the route on their own and head for the various checkpoints. Flying Fox, abseiling and archery are the cornerstones of this challenge.

Once you've made it through the finishing line, then you can celebrate as long as you like in a traditional alpine hut or an Indian tepee…

Approx 4 - 6 hours with breaks
Average fitness, agility and health.
Can be arranged for varying ages.
From May till September on demand.
Can be made as a competition with points. If desired a Motion guide can accompany each group. In the original plan, there is a guide at each checkpoint only.
The length of the tour will made arranged to suit the group. Add a bit of biking or canoeing and rafting to add extra pfiff.

Safety and specialised equipment. Preparation and general care of groups, maps and road book.


Outdoor Challenge in Heutal (groups only)
€ from 99.-- per person
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Outdoor Challenge - Adventure Trekking
Outdoor Challenge - Adventure Trekking

Here the motion guide determines the route and leads the group. With a great deal of excitement and variation the participants learn the basics of archery and then set off on the 3D course.

The highlight of trekking is the Flying Fox over a 70m wide gorge. There you're really in the fresh air - and you'll have no doubt to really gather yourself together…

Approx 3 - 4 hours
Average fitness, agility and health.
From 14 yrs
All year, in winter with snowshoes.

Experienced guides, safety and specialised equipment, preparation and general care of the group.


Adventure trekking with archery and flying fox
€ 87.-- per person
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3D Archery Training and Parcour49.--

Mountain Bike Trails

Day tour incl. bike and helmetfrom 79.--

Classic Half day tour incl. MTB and helmet59.--

Outdoor Challenges

Outdoor Challenge in Heutal (groups only)from 99.--

Adventure trekking with archery and flying fox…87.--

Rock Climbing

Climbing up the rocks in Weissbachfrom 59.--

Rock Climbing - Via Ferrata "Zahme Gams"from 45.--

5 days climbing course
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Lamprechtsofenhöhle "Adventure tour"from 69.--

Prax Icecave "Explorer"from 98.--

Tandem Paragliding

Tandem Paraglidingfrom 120.--

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