Geo Cache Alpin - treasure hunting in the mountains of Austria.

Geo Cache Alpin

What is geo caching? It's a modern form of a treasure hunt with the help of GPS. Sounds easy doesn't it - if it weren't for the skill of the plotter who sets all kinds of things for you to get up to!!

What is a cache?

There are large and small caches.
That's why some are easier to find than others.

A cache is a small container with something inside. There's always a logbook to sign and a small object to take with you. Then the person who has found the cache has to put something else inside. Those are the rules!!

How do I find a cache?

Use your GPS, put in the coordinates and off you go to the first find. There you will be given further information to take you onto the next find and so on. Of course it will only work if you all work as a team.

Where can we make the treasure hunt?

We can do geocaching almost anywhere - at home, abroad, in towns, cities and parks.

However, most of the time we are in our mountains. It's far more exciting here, the air is better and the terrain also provides plenty of obstacles. Most of our participants come from the city and are glad to be out in the open air.

How long does it take?

Hours, days, weeks - it's really up to you and how fit you are! Geocaching can have as many stations as you like - but we have found around 2 hours or a little more is just right for most people.