Motor Sport

There's a child in every man and this will really put a smile on his face. Every man thinks he is the best, fastest, and most talented on wheels...
But ladies are often just as good, although a little gentler on the accelerator!

Speed is not important. What matters is that we will look after you, whether you are on a quad bike, segway or ElektroCross - a completely new variation of Motorcross.

Motor sport/ Quad: General Conditions & Disclaimer

Details & InformationShould vehicles be damaged by accident or wilfully damaged by the hirer, then he is responsible for all costs. Should he suffer injury, then all costs must be covered by him. Our hire vehicles are not comprehensively insured. Participation in our quad tours is entirely at your own risk. Every driver requires a class B driving licence for driving on public roads.

In addition we require a safety payment of € 200,-- per person. This will be refunded on return of the bike and equipment. The rules and regulations of the Motion Company are the basis of our agreement. The hirer is required to sign our agreement before he takes the bike.

Details & InformationenThe Plan
Meet at the Outdoor Center, welcome, formalities (safety payment etc), receive equipment and training with the quad bike. Then off we go. We make quite a few breaks because it is actually quite tiring and concentration can tend to waver. The guide will set the safest route and speed!

Details & InformationenRequirements
Driving licence group B, good general health and average fitness.

Details & InformationenNumber of participants
It is possible to take up to 15 / 20 people if booked well in advance. If you would like to combine with a package from our other activities then we can accept even larger groups.

Of course you can combine a quad half day tour with any other half day tour on offer e.g. rafting or canyoning. That would give you a full day and a well rounded programme.

Details & InformationenWhat do you need?
Win and weatherproof clothing, firm shoes, and lots of layers if it is cold.

Beginning of April to the end of November