Details about hydrospeed-tour: Saalach - The Sporty Tour

Saalach - the Sporty Course to begin

From Au / Lofer to Unken, here you can learn the movements really easily and you'll soon get a feeling for when's the right time to slip into safer eddies. 

There's not a lot that can wrong on this course so it's the perfect place to train for the "hydro rodeo".

Beware: It is very tiring swimming with flippers, so if you have the chance to do some training at home, then it will certainly make things easier for you.

The plan

• Welcome by your guide
• Receive equipment
• Short transfer
• Training and safety advice

After the tour

The Motion bar is waiting for you with cool drinks. Book beforehand to order a BBQ.
There's nothing better than ending the day next to the river with food and drink and a lot of good memories.


River Info Saalach
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The river Saalach offers all degrees of difficulty and is ideal for beginners on the simper stretches. Recommended for beginners is the stretch "Saalach Classic III" from Au/Lofer to Unken. Families and children go from Unken.

The perfect step into your raft gives a lot of fun and action. This is the best condition for a diversified experience in nature.

"Experts" and budding experts should first try out the Saalach Classic III before heading for greater things. The World Cup course and the Teufelschlucht are high points in the rafting scene and require the utmost concentration and fitness.

Adventures in and on "white water" are simply cool!

But there's more than just rafting. Try out hydro speed or kayaking - the Saalach is the best place to have a go.


Saalach Valley near Hinterglemm
Flows into the Salzach near Salzburg then later into the Inn
ca. 103 km
Amount of water
max. ca. 500 m³/s, min. 20 m³/s
WW Scale
Most difficult part
Near Lofer
[ Flussinfo Saalach ausblenden… ]

DetailinformationenMotion Guides:
You guide is well trained and knows his trade. He is there to help you and help your day be memorable. All guides are qualified rafting/canyoning guides.

You will receive all safety equipment needed including neoprene trousers/jacket/shoes. Largest size: clothing 60, shoes 47. Bring your own swimwear, extra pair of socks, T shirt, warm clothes for afterwards and what you need for a shower. If you wear glasses, then bring a band to hold them on or maybe think about contact lenses for a day.

Before you leave home, consider carefully whether you are fit and healthy enough for rafting or our other outdoor sports. How fit you are will make a big difference out in the open air. If you are not sure, then please consult your doctor!

Please inform us of any health matters that are important. It might not mean that you cannot take part, but the guide who is responsible for our tour must be aware.
Possible health matters: heart/circulation problems, asthma, diabetes, pregnancy etc.We can make sure we have emergency medication with us.

For the beginners course you need to be of average fitness. The higher the water level, the harder the going is and therefore you need to be that much fitter.

Swimming ability is an absolute must. The expert tours are only for very good swimmers!!

DetailinformationenAdventure and alcohol:
Outdoor sports require agility, quick reactions and self control. So look forward to a beer or a shandy when we are finished. It will taste so much better then!

We are only allowed and only want to take people who are in full control and who are neither under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Anyone excluded from the tour for being under the influence will not receive a refund!

It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes conditions make it better to cancel a tour. If the water is too high on the Saalach, we have an alternative river section to use. But here too there is a limit. We may offer an alternative programme or we may arrange another date with you.

The weather!Weather:
Weather forecasts nowadays are extremely good but cannot take into account local weather conditions. A bad forecast often sees the sun shining brightly on us. Besides: a bit of rain is not going to worry a real rafter - you're going to get wet anyway!

The sporty Saalachtour is ideal for the whole family and for children from 12 years. In lower water levels, we may take even younger children. But the higher the water level rises, the higher the age limit rises. Just ask us if you would really like to bring your children along. The guide has the final say when he can actually see your children and judge their ability.

Book either by telephone or by email. Obviously the earlier the better. Our guides work every day except Monday. Saturday is a very popular day. If possible, take another day in the week. The course is the same, but at least there are not so many people around.

Most tours begin at 09:30 and at 13:30. We can arrange special times for groups.

Have we answered all your questions? Take a look at the FAQs

For further information or booking: email or phone 43 6588 7524

Have a photo made of the tour!

Tipp! Have a photo made of the tour!

Sport and press photographer Kerstin Jönnson - she snaps exclusive photos of the rafting tours for Motion. The spot where she snaps her photos at the Auer Loch is infamous - that's where most people fall out of the boat!!

After the tour you can get all the pictures on a CD. Excellent quality and perfect as a souvenir to show the folks back home. Also a good present for guests at a company outing.

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