Kayaking & Kayaking-Tours in Austria.


Who were the first to practise water sports? Correct - for centuries the Eskimos have built something which is the closest in style to our modern-day canoes. They had to be able to negotiate the water and with their boats made out of animal hide they became skilled craftsmen and oarsmen. Even then, they had learned how to do the now infamous "Eskimo roll".

Sometime later - after many calm boat rides on lakes and peaceful rivers in central Europe - kayaking started to develop more and more into a sport for wild water.

Modern-day kayaking is just as specialised as many "classical" sports. Wild water rodeo, alpine paddling, and wild water slalom - at heart all these methods have one thing in common: - the desire to follow the natural movement of the water, to use its current to let oneself be carried along on a tide of elation.

Kayaking is the unique combination of sport and wild water!