Pirate raft for children with treasure-hunt and childrens-programme.

Pirate raft - the pirates are coming

And have buried so much treasure. Then they were blown to all corners of the earth - hopefully to return one day and look for their treasure.

As fate would have it, they have never made it back. The captain kept the treasure safe for many years and when he died he passed it on to his only daughter Esmerelda.

Now she is here on the riverbank and can see the island from here. But she can't get there on her own and she certainly wouldn't be able to lift up the treasure chest. Wouldn't you like to be here and help her looking through all those glittery diamonds in the treasure chest...?

Special Children's programme:
While you are rafting, we will look after your little ones. If they are big enough, they can go in the pirate boat. The smaller children can play in our mini zoo with the horses, cats, rabbits and our dog. They can even take a ride around on the horse!