The Saalachtour - the classic rafting tour in Salzburg / Austria

Raft Classic 3 - Saalachtour Raftingtour

The Saalach-Raftingtour is the classic amongst the wild water tours. Ideal for those who have never been in a raft before and who want to have firsthand experience of action in a raft.

Rafting is great fun, if not sometimes a little dangerous, and for that reason the guide sits in the boat and delegates and directs. Forwards, everyone to the right, everyone to the back - the boat soon starts to obey the power of its masters.

This tour is ideal for teams, groups and company outings. It's a lot of fun with a relatively low risk level.

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The raftingtour on the Saalach crosses the "Brückenschwall" and the "Auer Loch"... - here most people fall out of the boat. Strengthened by a snack and a short breather we are rafting another 4 km towards the end of the course in Unken. After the tour cool drinks and a barbeque (additionally bookable) is waiting for you.