The captain and his outdoor-guides

Well trained and responsible outdoor-guides

Andreas Voglstätter
Das Outdoor-Team von Motion: Captain Andreas Voglstätter.

Born 1963, 3 Youngsters: Hannah, Louis, Alexander
Founder of Motion Outdoor Center
Entrepreneur since 1983

Special Technical Education
Austrian trainer for wild water sport
Top grade Austrian ski instructor / guide
Permit holder B for rafting
CIC Canyoning guide
Austrian master of photography

Sporting successes:
Austrian National Team in whitewater slalom
1986 Runner up in the Austrian Slalom Championships
1991 European Rafting Champion, Austrian Team

Team Outdoor-Guides: Ian

At last! The Captain is no longer the eldest one in the team. Ian is multitalented and works both as a mountain guide and rafting guide, plus he loves mountain biking. He has been working in the winters in Switzerland as a ski and cross country coach.

His knowledge of eastern languages is invaluable for guests from Russia, Chechen and Hungary.

Team Outdoor-Guides: Louis Voglstätter
Louis Voglstätter

Louis is the boss in the reception and the motion bar. He organizes everything very smart and enthusiastic. If you have any question, ask him!

Team Outdoor-Guides: Alexander Angerer
Alexander Angerer

Alex is just a nice guy, always friendly and a good kayaker. Round the year he is used to study in Innsbruck and will be back in summer for the job as a guide.

Team Outdoor-Guides: Jürgen Pfannhauser
Jürgen Pfannhauser

Independent free spirit in our team - has been with us for ages. He has a tremendous amount of experience in wild water-and loves to pass on his knowledge.

He's always game for a laugh!

Team Outdoor-Guides: Pedro Miguel Machado Carrico
Pedro Miguel Machado Carrico

Text englisch

Team Outdoor-Guides: Gottfried Ehgartner
Gottfried Ehgartner

Gottfried is one of the oldest but not in his mind - crazy ideas all the time. And a great moviemaker!

Team Outdoor-Guides: Steff, the best..
Steff, the best..

Steff is always under controll. He has the best teams, a long paddle and is telling the best stories...

Good luck to this guy!

Team Outdoor-Guides: Patrick Fritzenwallner
Patrick Fritzenwallner

Patrick was the newcomer and he did really well in 2015. The sunnyboy lives most of the year in the Netherlands and comes for the summer to Austria.

Team Outdoor-Guides: Reinhard Hodny
Reinhard Hodny

The flying waiter of Lofer- his classes are just as fast as he is in the Bistro of the Hotel Dax, a cosy little place for dinner.

He is one of the oldest motion guides and has an outstanding dry humour and charm. Specialist in canyoning...

Team Outdoor-Guides:
"Anton" - Der Rettungshund für alle Fälle