Saftey with outdoor adventures

Safety at rafting, canyoning, climbing and high-ropes-course

It goes without saying that outdoor activities generally carry certain risks with them. But - and this is perhaps the most decisive point in your decision - if you let us guide you, it doesn't have to be dangerous.

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WE are fully aware of the great responsibility we have every day towards our guests. And that encourages us to keep working on our abilities, on our knowledge and our know-how - indeed to keep expanding our wealth of experience so that you can quite happily place yourself in our hands.


What can YOU do?


Of course we would prefer you to be in top physical form and in perfect health when you come to us. Every outdoor activity has its own demands. If you are realistic in judging your abilities, then each and every one of you will be able to choose just the right activity. Of course we will gladly advise you if we have the necessary information.

It will inevitably be a compromise between your ideas and what we think is best for you. After all, we are here to support you in your adventures and send you home in one piece.


To come to the point: Your experience will not be made more impressive just by taking a difficult tour, but rather in the way that you handle what you do.


Little fish normally taste a lot better than the bigger ones!

Specific terms and conditions are to be found at the specific activities...

Health Matters

Should you have any physical weakness, then don't think this means that you cannot take part. Please consult your doctor. Should a problem suddenly arise, then please just have a word with your guide before the tour begins (in private, if necessary).The success of the tour lies in the professional know how of the guide and he knows what's best.

Insurance / precautions:

In the unlikely case of something happening, our company insurance will cover an incident if it is can be proven that the guide was at fault. This includes several activities carried out on our behalf by guides and employees.

We recommend standard personal insurance as offered by most brokers in the case of incidents where no third party is to blame. Please also check beforehand if the activities offered are covered by your insurance.




Special situations require special types of equipment. We use tried and tested materials and models, which have been specifically designed for outdoor use. Materials are regularly serviced and cleaned.


However, we hope that you can appreciate that our equipment cannot be renewed or replaced every year.

We hope that you will take care of the equipment we lend you - so that next guests can also be protected and have fun at the same time.

In the tour description or when you make your booking, you will find out what you need to bring along with you.