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Kayaking 2 - 5 Day Basic Course

To get the complex movements in the kayak sport is difficult. Our guides will instruct you systematically, so a good learning progress is guaranteed - though it should be stretched over a longer time.

The plan: Welcome by your guide, receive equipment, short transfer, training and safety advice.

Duration of courses: The courses are offered as 5-days-course (beginners), 3-days-course (beginners, advanced) and 2-days-course (weekend). Special training or private lesson are available on individual requiries.

Prices Watersport


Saalach Classic 3 Au - Unken, with snack65.--

Saalach Classic 3 for young people up to 17 years …57.--

Family Raft "Family 2" Unken-Fronau (childs from…56.--

Family Raft 3 people (family course only) "Special…155.--

Pirate rafting for children 5 years and above56.--

Rafting Combo Worldcup - Au to Reith and World Cup…139.--

Devils' Gorge (very experienced rafters only!!)159,--

Wild Water Special - Rafting safarifrom 290.--

Powerrafting Classic 379.--

Powerraft Combocourse169.--


Canyon Seisenbergklamm79.--

Canyon Seisenbergklamm Youths up to 17 Yrs. "Spec…72.--

Canyon Silbersee long125.--

Canyon Rock me/ Tyrol78.--


Canadian canoeing Classic 3 Au - Unken75.--

Canadian Canoeing - River Roaming (min. 4 pers.)130.--

Special training or private tuition Canoe/Kayak60.--/h

Kayaking (from 4 pers.)

Kayaking 5 day course, for beginners460.--

Kayaking 3 day course, beginners or advanced295.--

Kayaking 2 day course (Weekend Sat/Sun)198.--

Hire of equipment25.--

Special training - private tuition60.--/h

Hydro Speed

Hydro Classic 3 "Auer Schwall to Unken"79.--

Hydro Combo-Tour Rodeo159.--

Hydro Strubbach (for experts only)125.--

Prices may change. All prices shown inclusive of VAT.

Details & requirements:
Qualified, experienced kayak instructor.Tuition approx 4 - 5 hours a day. Option of riding with teacher, shower at the Motion Base.
Approx 4 - 5 hours tuition per day (spread over the whole day).
Good swimming ability and health. No physical or mental problems. Option of riding with teacher, shower at the Motion Base.
From 12 years
Bookable on a daily basis from May to October. Progress faster if generally fit.
3 people
Contents: Paddling techniques, safety aspects such as general behaviour on the river, how to retrieve and secure, general river knowledge.
A week's course can be split over two weekends.
Kayaking 2 - 5 Day Basic Course

Kayaking 2 day course (Weekend Sat/Sun)
€ 198.-- per person
Kayaking 3 day course, beginners or advanced
€ 295.-- per person
Kayaking 5 day course, for beginners
€ 460.-- per person
Hire of equipment
€ 25.-- per person
Special training - private tuition
€ 60.--/h per person
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