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3D Archery

Learning archery is really quite simple. Outdoors we shoot at big target sheets - with a range of 8 - 15 metres. After about an hour training with the guide, the archers can begin hunting on the course…mmh

Whilst the technique is easily learned by beginners under the instruction of our guide it will take a bit of time and a lot of practice before you can just aim on instinct.

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3D Archery Training and Parcour49.--

Mountain Bike Trails

Day tour incl. bike and helmetfrom 79.--

Classic Half day tour incl. MTB and helmet59.--

Outdoor Challenges

Outdoor Challenge in Heutal (groups only)from 99.--

Adventure trekking with archery and flying fox…87.--

Rock Climbing

Climbing up the rocks in Weissbachfrom 59.--

Rock Climbing - Via Ferrata "Zahme Gams"from 45.--

5 days climbing course
additional costs for acc…


Lamprechtsofenhöhle "Adventure tour"from 69.--

Prax Icecave "Explorer"from 98.--

Tandem Paragliding

Tandem Paraglidingfrom 120.--

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Details & requirements:
Archery guide, training, equipment, course fees
approx. 3 hours
Average fitness and surefootedness outdoors.
From 10 yrs.
All year on demand
3D Archery

3D Archery Training and Parcour
€ 49.-- per person
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