Motion Outdoor Center - Rafting and Canyoning in Lofer, Salzburg County

Frequently asked questions from our guests

Everyone should ask certain questions before trying something new/unknown.

If you have any specific questions that you cannot find here, please feel free to mail or call us.
We would rather tell you everything in advance.

That depends on the season and on the weather. Our local river, the Saalach, is around 10 – 13°Celsius from June onwards.

We do our utmost to ensure that everything works as promised. However, we are dealing with an extremely lively medium and with people whose abilities are often difficult to judge.

Yes, but hopefully not with the boat – as the river does not go round in a circle. You will have a short journey by road.

For the standard course you must have the basics. The guides will also check this before the tour starts. On the more difficult courses you must be a particularly good swimmer. An exception will be made for children on the quite easy courses.

We recommend swimwear, a T-shirt (preferably not cotton) and socks for reasons of hygiene. In very cold conditions e.g., canyoning in the spring, we would also recommend a thin jumper or fleece underneath.

If you are just trying out climbing, it should not be a problem and it is worth trying. You can work at overcoming your fears. It is not such a good idea if you are on a tour where there is no going back – you would probably be talked out of going along.

Your own doctor will tell you how long you should wait before starting certain activities.

Unforeseen circumstances and unaccustomed strain during sporting activity can lead to heart and circulatory problems for those who suffer from high or low blood pressure. Please seek your doctor’s advice and choose an activity to suit your own condition.

Again, please consult your own doctor. For certain activities it has proved to be no problem, whereas for other activities it is out of the question. Every case is different, and we cannot just make a generalisation.

Throw him in…

Yes, it does not have to be the most difficult tour. But of course, it is always good to stay active, so long as you take an activity to suit your level of fitness.

Yes, thank goodness, otherwise your backside would get quite warm. Neoprene racing wetsuits are used for protection.

Climbing ropes normally have a breaking load of about two tons. That is equivalent to a bully.

You cannot force anybody to their happiness, but it is compulsory for rafting, biking, and climbing.

Yes, sometimes in the little toe…take care of your left one!

Yes, there is one in every raft, providing he is not thrown overboard. The canoes are accompanied by a guide in a kayak or raft. Motion guides accompany all our tours.


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