Being secure while rafting, canyoning,
climbing and in the high ropes course...

Outdoor activities are fraught with (residual) risks that would not be relevant to us if we did not engage in these activities but this is balanced by the very high recreational value, shared experiences, a change from everyday life, lots of fresh air and a touch of adventure.

Reducing the risk as much as possible - that is the goal!
Let us guide you......

Motion Safety


We are fully aware of the great responsibility we have every day towards our guests.

And that encourages us to keep working on our abilities, on our knowledge and our expertise and to keep expanding our wealth of experience so that you can quite happily place yourself in our hands.

What can YOU do?
Of course, we would prefer it if you arrived with us in top condition and in the best of health. There will always have to be a compromise between your ideal and ours. We are there to support you on your adventures so that you return home healthy and happy.

Consider this: the value of the experience is not increased by the difficulty of the tour itself, but much more by how you manage it!
Often the small fish taste better than the big ones!

Specific terms and conditions are to be found under activities/details!


If you have any physical ailments, this does not necessarily prevent you from taking part. Please consult your doctor. Should a problem arise at short notice, please discuss it openly with the guide (this can also be done in private) before the tour. The guide has the professional responsibility for the success of the tour, and he should know what is going on.


In the event that something does happen, the risk is covered by our public liability insurance in the event of proven culpable, negligent behaviour on the part of the guide. This covers all activities carried out by drivers and employees on our behalf.

For accidents resulting in damage where there is no third-party fault, we recommend an individual accident insurance policy, as offered by most insurance companies. Please enquire in advance whether the specific activities are also covered by the insurance.


Spezielle Anforderungen verlangen abgestimmte Ausrüstungsmodule. Es handelt sich bei uns um geprüftes Material und Modelle, die sich speziell für den professionellen Einsatz im Outdoorbereich eignen. Das Material wird regelmäßig gewartet und gesäubert. Wir ersuchen an dieser Stelle um Verständnis, dass nicht jedes Jahr sämtliche Ausrüstungsgegenstände ausgetauscht und erneuert werden können.

Wir dürfen euch auch höflich um sorgsamen Umgang mit dem Leihmaterial ersuchen, damit auch der "Nächste" seinen Schutz und seine Freude damit hat.

Was ihr selbst mitbringen sollt, erfährt ihr in der Tourbeschreibung oder spätestens mit der Buchungsbestätigung.