The modern-day treasure hunt

To put it simply, geo caching is a modern treasure hunt with the help of GPS. Sounds simple and would be – were it not for the skill of the plotter who sets all kinds of things for you to get up to!!

There are small and large caches.
And this is what makes it easy or difficult to find a cache. It is normally a small container with varying contents. Usually a logbook, where each finder signs in, and something else small that you can keep. However, the finder must then also put something back into the cache. Those are the rules!
Enter the coordinates and, using your GPS, you can set off as far as the first cache. Here you will be given a new set of coordinates based on data or tasks. Remember you must work as a team.
Where do we do the treasure hunt?
We can do geocaching anywhere, at home or abroad. So also places like big cities or parks. The best place is in the countryside on our mountains. It is exciting, you are moving around in the fresh air and the terrain adds extra interest to some of the challenges for the team!
How long can it take?
Geocaching can include any number of caches. You will find it great fun for everyone, even if it takes a couple of hours to find everything.


Course design, cache search, organisation, support during the event


From 2 hours


Good health, surefootedness and moderate fitness


Individual on request, all year round


Outdoor Challenge and Adventure Trekking programmes are always individually created and calculated.
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